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August 27, 2014

The Many Possibilities of Machine Learning and AI

Expertmaker CEO and founder Lars Hard is referenced in Semantic Web about Artificial Intelligence ... continue reading
August 25, 2014

This Past Month's Apple Acquisitions: Leading Companies Incorporating Machine Learning

Expertmaker CEO and founder Lars Hard shares his thoughts on how machine learning plays an ... continue reading
August 25, 2014

The Future of Mobile Advertising Via Machine Intelligence

Expertmaker's CMO Martin Rugfelt explores artificial and machine intelligence in advertising continue reading
August 13, 2014

Artificial intelligence in the enterprise -- what you need to know

Expertmaker CEO and founder Lars Hard talks about Artificial Intelligence in the Enterprise continue reading
June 25, 2014

AI for Real-Time, Personalized Recommendations and Advertisements

Expertmaker's CMO Martin Rugfelt in Wired Insights on how Artificial Intelligence transforms ... continue reading


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Expertmaker offers Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered e-commerce and marketing solutions that transform the online user experience for your customers. We use scalable multi-AI technology to create intelligent mobile apps and other internet services that provide human-like recommendations, discovery, prediction and optimization for content, products and coupons. 



Transforming the Internet

AI technologies strive to mimic the way humans approach problems and information. At Expertmaker, we believe in making the Internet intelligent by integrating AI into online solutions to create user experiences that are personalized and improve over time. Naturally, these solutions become even more intelligent when tapping into Big Data.

Easy to use

At Expertmaker our goal is that any developer, start-up or enterprise regardless of size should be able to have access to the immense power of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analysis. The platform is therefore massively scalable and easy to use, and does not require any previous knowledge of AI or programming skills. Read more.