With state of the art technology and an incredible team, Expertmaker automates and optimizes data-driven decisions and processes for retail, manufacturing and the Internet of Things.


Founded in 2006, Expertmaker offers intelligent solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Big Data analytics for forward thinking companies. Our award-winning, end-to-end, massively scalable and proprietary platform enables rapid deployment of customized solutions, including prediction, optimization, and unparalleled personalization.


Expertmaker has assembled a world-class team comprised of passionate experts in areas such as applied Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Data Mining, Data Analysis, Genetic Programming, Algorithmic Development, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computational Search, Mathematics, Software Design and Development, Digital Image and Video Processing and Visualization.

Expertmaker is located in Sweden and San Francisco, CA. Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook.

Contact Us

CEO/CTO & Founder

Lars Hård

  • Serial entrepreneur with 25 + years of experience in advanced applied artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, math, big data and analytics
  • Founder of Experlytics, a Computational Medicine life science company
  • Founded Scandinavia's first games development company
  • Applied Artificial Intelligence Consultant (SAFAD, Ericsson, Telia, CogAmp, etc.)
  • Dragonfire Research. First Scandinavian company with Multimedia software on the US market (1994)
  • CTO for SuperForm AB during 1995-2000. Member of the board
  • Lecturer at Lund University in Biology and advanced Mathematics

Marketing & Sales

Martin Rugfelt

  • 20 years of experience from business development, marketing, PR and sales at both major Enterprises as well as IT services companies
  • Director of Product Development at Orange Group
  • Director of Business Development at GoldenGekko
  • Mobile Internet Entrepreneur
  • Leading roles in Framfab, Wezap and Simpay
  • Co-founder and Chairman of Experlytics, a Computational Medicine life science company