Intelligent Cloud Solutions for Industrial IoT

State of the art solutions to transform your business.

IoT Intelligent Cloud

Expertmaker’s intelligent cloud solutions are ideal for crunching the big data associated with the industrial Internet of Things, generating predictions, optimizations and automated solutions from planning to operations, service and improved user experiences. Complex high speed solutions add intelligence to machines.

The platform integrates with existing platforms and provides a flexible quick solution, adding a competitive edge for OEM companies. Our flexible tools and SDK allow customers to develop their own solutions, or take ownership of solutions developed with the help of Expertmaker consultants.

Solving Complexity

The industrial internet is still in its infancy, facing challenges such as

  • Multiple data formats
  • Multiple local solutions for local problems
  • Interoperability issues
  • Big Data challenges – Size and Speed etc.
  • High Complexity for more intelligent solutions

Our intelligent cloud solutions integrate IoT data from multiple data sets from multiple sources in varying formats. Or as we call it, hybrid data, solving the interoperability issues. While most companies find multiple data sets a challenge as the complexity goes up, Expertmaker thrives in this environment. This data is often time series data, adding further complexity. Our platform is built from the ground up to handle both small and large sets of data.


By tracking and interacting with remote sensors and machines it is possible to monitor for anomalies and maintenance data. As the system learns on both aggregated and individual sensor levels, it is possible to optimize the system in batch or real time. For complicated solutions with lots of uncertainty, scenario predictions can be used to improve the system performance.

Cloud Future

Expertmaker works with all levels of intelligent solutions. From edge computing on intelligent but stand-alone sensors, to hybrid solutions, to cloud based intelligent systems.

Point Solutions

  1. Advanced anomaly detection
  2. Smart optimization
  3. Smart cities analytics
  4. Scenario based predictions (prescriptive solution)


  • Solutions from edge computing on intelligent but stand-alone sensors to hybrid solutions to cloud based intelligent systems
  • Advanced analytics, prediction, deep profiling as well as pattern recognition and data extraction
  • Handle uncertainty and multiple possible outcomes with predictive scenario analytics (also called prescriptive) by finding the optimal track forward
  • Automated solutions that operate autonomously
  • Optimize the system in batch or real time as the system learns on both aggregated and individual sensor levels
  • Integrating multiple sources of data and using multiple forms of AI


  • Improved metrics (conversion and other key business drivers)
  • Improved customer experiences
  • Real-time solutions
  • Extreme data volume management
  • Continuous learning consistently improves performance
  • Multiple AI technologies to generate optimal solutions
  • Backed by one of the most experienced teams in the world