Solutions for Retail Automation

Unleash the power of your data with state of the art solutions that improve key performance metrics and transform your business.

Retail Applications

Expertmaker offers learning retail solutions that optimize and automate business processes and customer experiences.

Online and brick-and-mortar retailers use the Expertmaker platform to power omni-channel personalization, prediction and optimization of key business drivers. Examples include:

  • Deep personalization (recommendations, coupons, discovery)
  • Demand forecasting and predictive planning
  • Pricing assortment and loyalty optimization
  • Competitor tracking

Softline Retail

Softline retailers generally lack the interaction volumes and data patterns necessary to form personalization solely on behavior. The old school recommendation method of “people who bought this also bought that” is not enough for great recommendations in clothing, fashion and other softline retail.

Expertmaker goes beyond behavioral data methods, leveraging multiple forms of AI to create nuanced recommendations that optimize sales and the customer experience.

Beyond the Fat Tail

Current personalization technology only works for the fat end of the tail. Through our multi AI and data processing approach, Expertmaker delivers great recommendations and personalization solutions that leverage the entire tail.

Hardline Retail

Demand Prediction

Getting demand right is crucial for your business. Expertmaker demand planning is a unique solution based on advance predictions and optimization technology. Using multiple variables, structured as well as unstructured, internal and external, Expertmaker optimizes demand planning.


With Expertmaker demand planning it is even possible to automate the process. Using advanced prescriptive solutions with scenario based optimization, we automatically find the best way forward among multiple options.


With so many variables and so much data it is impossible for any person using any tools to comprehend all the data and optimize the planning. By becoming truly data driven your operations will become more accurate and faster.

Grocery Retail

Grocery retailers are mainly driven by simple analytics and BI software, resulting in slow batch driven solutions. The customers on the other hand are using mobile devices and demanding real-time service. Forward looking grocery retailers are optimizing their loyalty and coupon solutions for personalized real-time business.

Multi AI, scenario analytics for hypotheses, behavioral and contextual data, together with understanding the underlying products enables truly personalized coupon and loyalty solutions.


  • Real-time omni channel solutions
  • Contextual, seasonal and location sensitive solutions
  • Auto testing and optimization
  • Advanced customer profiling for deep insights
  • High speed ingestion of multiple unstructured and structured raw data sources
  • Automated processes
  • Extreme data volume management
  • Continuous learning consistently improves performance
  • Looks at the life time value, engagement and loyalty of the customer


  • Up selling and cross selling
  • Improved metrics (conversion and other key business drivers)
  • Improved customer experiences
  • Multiple AI technologies to generate optimal solutions
  • Backed by one of the most experienced teams in the world