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Our products power a new generation of Internet products and services, from advanced Big Data Analytics to highly personalized recommendations, and much more.

The Expertmaker Platform

The Expertmaker platform offers multiple forms of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and advanced Big Data Analytics capabilities. The platform consists of a software toolkit, servers for computations and Big Data Analytics, and APIs for data integration and user interfaces. It provides powerful technology for upgrading existing or building new learning solutions.

Knowledge Designer & Python SDK

Knowledge Designer is an easy-to-use desktop toolkit that includes multiple AI technologies and some of the Big Data capabilities of the platform. The AI technologies offer extensive functionality, and can be combined in many ways to create intelligent solutions. And for more advanced users, we offer an SDK that allows solutions to be directly coded in Python.

Big Data & Cloud Processing Server

Expertmaker’s AI server is a cloud-based high-speed computational AI server for running the Artificial Intelligence solutions and Big Data Analytics created with the Knowledge Designer. It offers simple publishing functionality for training and previewing the solutions, making the development of the solutions both fast and dynamic. It offers very fast performance for live solutions with its distributed architecture and parallel computation hardware.

Expertmaker API

The front end API offers a simple-to-use REST-based web service enabling new innovative user interfaces that make the most of the added capabilities and precision. The platform works with all the major platforms including iOS and Android. We also have integration APIs for easy upload of data to the platform.


The Expertmaker platform offers multiple forms of AI and advanced Big Data Analytics capabilities, with clear advantages over competitors’ offerings:

  • Multi-AI approach learns fast and continuously optimizes for more intelligent solutions
  • Rapid development and deployment
  • Easy to use, maintain and upgrade solutions
  • Highest security standards