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With professional services, training and rapid development, Expertmaker offers the full package, transforming your data into solutions that optimize your business.


Expertmaker's tools based approach caters to all needs and levels of use, with a desktop toolkit, SDK, API and various cloud set-ups. We deliver smooth and fast projects, our solutions connect to your customer systems, and it is easy and efficient to take over after an implementation. You are never locked in to long term consulting agreements.

Professional Services

Expertmaker’s team of data scientists and engineers can work with you to craft custom big data analytics and machine learning solutions, no matter the size or complexity of the data. We’ve assembled a world-class team of technology, data science and engineering talent that bring a whole new level of mathematical thinking and computer science creativity to our clients, turning data into intelligent solutions that transform user experiences, reduce costs, and increase revenues.


Expertmaker offers on-site and web-based training sessions to help you get the most from the Expertmaker platform. Engaging, interactive sessions teach you and your team how to build, deploy and maintain big data optimization, prediction and personalization solutions on the platform. We can customize sessions to address your specific business and the experience level of your team.


We offer SaaS, private cloud solutions or on-premise installations, which gives great flexibility in the choice of operational set-up.

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