Transform Data into Solutions with Expertmaker

The Expertmaker platform unleashes the power of your data to create self-optimizing and automated solutions that drive your business.


Expertmaker offers an advanced AI platform powering point solutions and custom solutions. Our unified platform, built from the ground up, enables deep personalization and optimization for retail businesses, and superior cloud intelligence and optimization for the Internet of Things.

Open up a new world of possibilities with multiple forms of Artificial Intelligence and the ability to work efficiently with multiple data sources. Our massively scalable platform enables rapid deployment of solutions, ranging from prediction and optimization, to unparalleled personalization.


The Expertmaker platform enables fully automated, real-time and continuous optimization of data driven solutions using multiple AI technologies. By automatically extracting up to millions of features from structured and unstructured data, and continuously running millions of small A/B tests using principles from genetics, Expertmaker solutions quickly maximize key metrics.

  1. Pricing optimization
  2. Retail assortment optimization
  3. Optimization of loyalty programs
  4. Manufacturing optimization


Expertmaker offers advanced Prediction solutions that take multiple variables and data sources into account, including contextual data, social data and seasonal variations. Using multiple AI technologies, Expertmaker Prediction solutions automate and improve the quality of decisions, giving a leg up on competitors and allowing fast time to market.

  1. Demand prediction
  2. Price prediction
  3. Purchase planning
  4. Smart cities analytics
  5. Replenishment and logistics predictions
  6. Scenario based predictions (prescriptive solution)


Expertmaker’s deep Personalization dives deep into the data to gain an understanding of the characteristics of products bought by a customer as well as customer preferences. Where other personalization approaches handle only the head of the distribution, Expertmaker Deep Personalization can make recommendations deep in the tail, going well beyond the most popular products.

  1. On-site and email product recommendations
  2. Personalized coupons
  3. Intelligent loyalty programs

Advanced Solutions for Complex Data

Most approaches simplify and down-sample the data. At Expertmaker, we do the opposite.

We augment the data by extracting detailed features, and including relevant external data, such as seasonal trends, social trends and contextual data. And we enrich data by extracting knowledge from your unstructured data. In short, we compute over highly complex, multi-dimensional data sets that represent a far more nuanced view of your business and customers.

Optimized & Automated

Solutions learn on both aggregated and individual levels, enabling optimization of a system in batch or real time. Complicated solutions with major uncertainty use scenario predictions to improve solution performance over time. Advanced edge computing and centralized computing automate the solution, allowing autonomous operation.

Our easy to use platform puts the power in your hands. Or we can work with you to develop and deploy customized solutions to address your business needs.

Custom Solutions

Expertmaker’s team of data scientists and engineers can work with you to craft custom big data analytics and machine learning solutions, no matter the size or complexity of the data. Our solutions work to automate and optimize your business, improving your customers’ experience.

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