World Class Technology

We bring a whole new level of mathematical thinking and computer science creativity to strengthen our clients.

Artificial Intelligence for Big Data

Expertmaker offers a proprietary AI-framework with a ”black box” core of innovative algorithms that learns and improves automatically from experience:

  • Systemic multi AI approach for continuous optimization
  • Platform and tools approach for rapid implementation of complicated solutions
  • High-dimensional optimization based on a broad range of activity signals and real-time feedback
  • Fast proprietary machine learning pipelines, near real-time, enabling an information advantage at every point in time (similar to modern high-frequency stock market predictions)
  • Extensive scenario building and multi testing for continuous automatic optimization
  • Super-fast pipeline for large-scale processing, as close to “decision events” as possible. (Normally extremely difficult with traditional machine learning)

Next Generation Technology

We use the most appropriate methods to solve challenges unsolvable by competitors’ technology:

  • Creating new data and inputs by synthesizing data from multiple sources
  • Extracting data from multiple sources to create knowledge and understanding
  • Analyzing behavior and data patterns to understand users, products and machines
  • Bringing it all together in a temporally sensitive personalization/memory space

Security & Monitoring

Expertmaker maintains the highest security standards for your data, and continuously monitors performance of the platform and its applications. Rest assured that your data is safe, accurate and available.